Travel For Thanksgiving? Shoot Me Now.

Here’s one from the archives, originally published in 2012. My sentiments regarding holiday travel remain exactly the same since no one’s invented a way to breach the time-space continuum…yet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. The Sunday of Thanksgiving Weekend lacks a moniker. Let’s try ?#$% Sunday because everyone who visited Grandma’s house hits the highway at exactly the same moment causing monumental traffic jams.

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Where Should I Stay? TripAdvisor to the Rescue.

When you post your first review on TripAdvisor, the company marks your achievement by forwarding a magnet stating “I travel with TripAdvisor.” I’m wondering…do you?

TripAdvisor logo
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Black Friday Cometh – Run Away!

black-friday-philosophyI’ve abandoned a retail Christmas. To my friends and family who eagerly awaited my thoughtfully considered, yet poorly wrapped gifts, I apologize. You’ll still receive presents, when the spirit moves me, not when I’m instructed to by the conductors of our national season of selling. Continue reading

I Run Therefore I Am: The NYC Marathon

NYC Marathon running fitness @TheOpenSuitcaseLLC

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” Samuel Johnson made this observation about his beloved hometown in 1777. I feel that way about New York, New York – a city so big they had to name it twice. There’s always a new neighborhood to explore or event to attend and I simply can’t get enough of the people who live, work and visit this terrific town.

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

PhotoIt’s almost November 1 again and even though we don’t celebrate Día de los Muertos in my office, the mood grows ominous as the holiday approaches. Why? It marks the beginning of the annual vacation calendar circulation. I should rejoice, not shudder. Through retirements, involuntary terminations, and sheer fortitude, I’m at the top of the seniority ladder. Whee!! But, until last year, I would pass the calendar down to the rung tenant below me without choosing any days.

My co-workers would happily gobble up the “good” times:  the Fridays and Tuesdays surrounding Monday holidays; the span between Christmas and New Year’s; July; August. By the time I entered their dates on the dry erase calendar, I was left with a couple of Thursdays in February and a week in early December. And I had no one to blame but myself. Continue reading